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classes and workshops - participants of Safran's baladi technique workshop in May 2013

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14th October 2017 “Choreography to a pop song” at XI International Oriental Dance Festival in Tallinn, Estonia

Safran is available for workshops and private classes in Estonia and abroad. Below you will find the list of topics Safran teaches, and examples of workshops she has taught before. To inquire about a workshop or class, send Safran an e-mail.

Class and Workshop Topics

Oriental dance (technique and choreographies): raqs sharqi, baladi, golden age bellydance, show bellydance, drum solos (with recorded music or a live drummer).

Oriental dance with accessories (technique and choreographies): veil, wings, fan veils, zills, mileya, shamadan (candelabrum), candle tray, and sword.       

Folkloric stylessaidi (with or without assaya), debkekhaleegi, shaabi, NubianAndalusian

Other: Improvisation and performance skills, coaching for choreography development, introduction to Middle Eastern music and rhythms, bhangra, Zumba.

Past Workshops Taught by Safran

11.2016 Choreography with fan veils (Oriental Dance Festival Oaze in Kaunas, Lithuania)
03.2016 Iraqi technique (Tallinn, Estonia)
03.2016 Baladi choreography (Pärnu, Estonia)
03.2016 “Find your “inner” muscles – baladi technique” (Tartu, Estonia)
12.2015 Pop choreography (Pärnu, Estonia)
12.2015 Khaleegi technique (Tallinn, Estonia)
06.2015 Superman-bhangra (Tallinn, Estonia)
05.2015 Khaleegi choreography (International Belly Dance Festival Azure in Riga, Latvia)
05.2015 Drum solo choreography (Tallinn, Estonia)
05.2015 “Saidi aerobics” (Kuressaare, Estonia)
05.2015 “Dancing to Infinity” (Kuressaare, Estonia)
05.2015 “From Lebanon to UAE” (Pärnu, Estonia)
10.2014 “Stylization of arms in oriental dance” (Pärnu, Estonia)
07.2014 Shaabi choreography (Kunda, Estonia)
07.2014 Khaleegi choreography (Kunda, Estonia)
01.2014 “Find your “inner” muscles – baladi technique” (Kadrina, Estonia)
12.2013 Saidi choreography with an assaya (Väike-Maarja, Estonia)
12.2013 “Mystical samai rhythm” (Pärnu, Estonia)
12.2013 “Saidi aerobics” (Pärnu, Estonia)
11.2013 Choreography to a classical song (Kuressaare, Estonia)
11.2013 “Debke, debke, debke!” (Kuressaare, Estonia)
11.2013 Assaya technique (Tamsalu, Estonia)
11.2013 “Saidi aerobics” (Tamsalu, Estonia)
11.2013 “Mystical samai rhythm” (Egyptian Fever Festival in Katowice, Poland)
11.2013 “Mystical samai rhythm” (Tallinn, Estonia)
09.2013 Golden Age Choreography (Kuressaare, Estonia)
09.2013 “Mystical samai rhythm” (Kuressaare, Estonia)
09.2013 “Accents in dance” (Pärnu, Estonia)
05.2013 “Find your “inner” muscles – baladi technique” (Tallinn, Estonia)
03.2013 “Shimmies” (Tartu, Estonia)
03.2013 “Travelling steps” (Tartu, Estonia)
02.2013 Khaleegi technique and choreography (Roela, Estonia)
01.2013 Dynamic movements (Kuressaare, Estonia)
01.2013 Technique for arms and hands (Kuressaare, Estonia)
11.2012 Technique for arms and hands (Rannu, Estonia)
11.2012 Choreography with a veil (Rannu, Estonia)
11.2012 Shimmies (Kuressaare, Estonia)
11.2012 Drum solo choreography (Kuressaare, Estonia)
10.2012 Khaleegi choreography (Tallinn, Estonia)
10.2012 Shimmies (Pärnu, Estonia)
10.2012 Shimmies (Tallinn, Estonia)
09.2012 Shimmies (Tartu, Estonia)
11.2011 Drum solo (Tallinn, Estonia)
07.2011 Shaabi choreography with a mileya (Sõmerpalu, Estonia)