Arouh Lemeen

Arouh Lemeen – The Oum Kalthoum Project

Title in Arabic: أروح لميــن
Translation in English: Whom Should I Go To?

Year: 1958

Composer: Riad Al-Sonbati
Lyrics: Abdel-Meneem Al Sebaee

For a song that seems to be so well-known, “Arouh Lemeen” seems to be a very mysterious song. There is very little information available about its background, and I could not find any videos of dancers using the song. Truth be told, it is a very sad song- It talks about a love that has ended, and now the singer has no-one to go to for comfort. You can check the full translation of lyrics here.

The man who wrote the lyrics is also a bit of a mystery, there is no info to be found about him. But there is plenty about the composer, Riad Al-Sonbati. “The canary of Mansoura” met Oum Kalthoum in 1922, when he was still just an oud player, and she still travelled around with her father to perform.  However, Riad ended up composing more songs for Oum Kalthoum than any other composer.

Edited to add: Torbeau had the following information to offer:

There is a bit of information about Abdel Moneim online, but perhaps none in English. Paste
عبد المنعم السباعى
into your search engine, or route one of the links below into your favorite translation utility to access it.عبد_المنعم_السباعى

According to that Abdel-Meneem was a very prolific writer – not only did he write lyrics for around 150 songs, but he also wrote screenplays for radio and movies, and was a journalist!

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