Zekrayat – The Oum Kalthoum Project

Zekrayat – The Oum Kalthoum Project

Title in Arabic: ذكريات
Title in English: Memories

Year: 1956

Composer: Riad Al-Sonbati
Lyrics: Ahmad Ramy

It is said that the first book that Ahmad Ramy read (and learned by heart) was “The Lover’s Entertainment through Love Poetry”. So, it is no surprise that during his career he wrote a lot of love poetry himself. In addition to the impressive number of songs that Ramy wrote for Oum Kalthoum (read about it here), another amazing fact is the length of their cooperation – it lasted for almost 50 years!

The song is sad, telling about a love story that is now only living in the memories of the singer. Her love is impossible to forget, and it is like a song which she sings between her missing. Unfortunately I could not find a full translation of the lyrics to English, but here is a short translation that will give you an idea.

And although it is a beautiful and emotional song, which would be perfect for dancing, I could not find any videos of dancers using it. So, if you have a video of yourself or someone else dancing to it, drop me an e-mail, and I will add it here!

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