Bellydancers are boring!

Bellydancers are boring!

To be honest, this post is not about bellydancers at all, I just lured you here with a provocative title 😉 . Because even though the market for bellydance is enormous here in India, it is only a small part of the entertainment industry. And that industry is unlike in any other country. Let me give you a few examples of acts that are currently popular here, and which are mostly staffed by foreigners.

Leela dancing Martini at Zerxura restaurant, New Delhi.

Leela dancing Martini at Zerzura restaurant, New Delhi.

A Girl in the Martini Glass

Imagine an oversized martini glass filled with water. And now imagine a girl dancing in it. And even though it might seem silly at first, it is really a very tough act: the dancers who ace at martini must be athletic, flexible, not afraid of heights or of getting bruises all over your legs.

Strolling Tables

Sometimes it is jokingly called as working as a doughnut 🙂 Basically it means that the girl wears a doughnut-shaped plastic table around her waist/hips, which is either supported by kind of suspenders or she just holds it with her hands. And, her job is to walk around the event and serve drinks from it.


Lika as a Lotus Fountain at an event

The Human Fountain

Have you ever seen those human statues in the pedestrian areas of European cities? A human fountain is a bit like that, except that there is water coming out of the hands and headdress of the girl. Usually placed near the entrance of a wedding venue it provides a lot of fun for kids – they keep staring and wondering if the fountain will move or not.

International Band

This seems to be the most recent and increasingly popular addition to the entertainment scene. There’s a group of beautiful girls in flowing white dresses on stage. Each one of them has an instrument – a violin, a saxophone etc., and you can hear music playing. However, the girls are only imitating playing their instruments, and all the music is coming from a CD.

Like I said, these are just a few examples of the colourful entertainment indurstry in India. There is a number of different acts and costumes, and there is constant innovation going on. And the crazier it is, the better!